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Hey, kids! It’s Dash Jordan here and I’m sorry that you guys had to wait so long for my next article. But, trust me. It’s worth the wait because I’ve got quite the treat for all of you guys. I’ve done reviews, top tens, thoughts, rants, you’ve seen this all before. So, I’ve decided that before I return to what I do best, I would like to welcome you all to my brand new segment, “Dash Interviews”. Oh yeah, I thought that NOW would finally be the right time to just take a chance and try something different, you know? Something fresh!

Okay, maybe not THAT fresh, but interesting. At this point, pretty much everyone and their mothers know that 1994’s ‘The Crow’ happens to be one of my favorite films of all time.

Shut up! Oh, and rest in peace. Anyway, when I tell you guys that I have a treat for you, it’s also a treat for me because I’ve waited so long for this opportunity and it’s truly an honor to have this woman take the time time to come and talk with me. So kids, without further ado, you guys have known this young lady since she was 13 when she played Sarah in ‘The Crow’. Please welcome Miss Rochelle Davis!

Rochelle, thank you so much for letting me ask you some questions. I’ve been in love with that movie ever since I was little, I’m a huge fan, and it’s an honor to have you as my very first interviewee. Anyway, I’m excited! Let’s just jump right into it. So, how have you been? What have you been up to?

RD- “I have been very well. I’ve been living a somewhat normal life. I do a podcast on YouTube and also trying to get around to the conventions that I can handle doing throughout the year to meet fans. I’m disabled, so it’s hard to travel but I try to do a few a year.”

Okay, that’s great! Not the disabled thing, that’s horrible and I’m very sorry. But, it is good that you’re doing well and connecting with fans. Speaking of connecting with fans, when I started watching your YouTube videos and following you on Twitter so I could contact for this interview, some of your photos suggests that you did a little modeling.

Am I right about that or was that just for fun?

RD- “I mostly model for fun. I don’t really have the perfect model figure but I do fun modeling to represent the more REAL looking woman.”

See…THAT’S awesome! You hear that, ladies? You don’t have to be a damn toothpick to be beautiful. You’ve certainly matured, you look great and…you have a little boy now? Thanks for making me feel old, Rochelle.

Kidding, he seems like a great kid. What’s his name? That is if you want to talk about your family.

RD- “My Son’s name is Destin Michael and he is a blast! He’s 13 now and growing up to quite an amazing man. He’s the age I was when I filmed ‘The Crow’, so it’s quite strange. I feel old too.” *laughs*

Ha! Aww, not that old. Okay, let’s go back to your YouTube channel; ‘The Crow’s Nest’. Now, I’ve seen some of your videos, I’ve also subscribed and I’ll be sure to leave a link to your channel down below. Would you care to tell some of my readers a little more about your channel?

RD- “Well, ‘The Crow’s Nest’ is a podcast we do from my home to have fun and connect with fans. We try to do varied topics (it’s not ABOUT ‘The Crow’). I’m the host and my fiancé Jay Man is the co-host. We have a lot of fun and people seem to enjoy listening and watching.”

Myself, included. Great stuff! Jay seems really cool, and congrats to you two.

RD- “Thank you!”

Now, I understand that you’re also writing a book, what’s the name of the book and what will it be about?

RD-The book I’m working on is about my crazy life. It will be titled ‘It Can’t Rain All The Time’ and I have a wonderful ghost writer. Her name’s Jean Wall and she is working hard to sort out my insanely confusing story.”

Wow, I would love to check out that book. When can we expect the book to be released?

RD- “Well, I’m not sure of an exact release date. But, I will keep people informed as we get closer to a date.”

That’s cool, I think I speak for anybody reading when I say that we can’t wait. Okay…now if you don’t mind, I think it’s time to shoot the elephant in the room.

You’ve played the little girl Sarah from ‘The Crow’ back in 1994, one of the greatest films of all time. What was it like for you? Did you have any idea of the impact this movie was going to have?

RD- “It was like a bitter-sweet nightmare come true. I loved filming, it was an amazing experience working with all the wonderful actors I got a chance to work with. It was everything I dreamed it would be. But obviously, it had a very bad turn of events that scared me for life. I had no idea that it would have the effect it did. I actually didn’t realize the effect it had until I did my first appearance in Florida in 2007. It was a shock to me how many people it had changed. I was amazed and still am.”

and…what were some of your fondest memories?

RD- “Some of my fondest memories were the ones I thought I would look back and hate. Like, being drenched in freezing cold water and waiting to film again. Or being so tired, I was delirious. Things like that.”

Ha! I guess it really DID rain all the time, huh?

I’m sorry, I had to…Now, back to the movie. The acting, story, quotes and the very look of the movie were so iconic. I think what stood out to me the most from the movie when I first saw it as a kid was the music. That song ‘Burn’ was my gateway drug and introduction to The Cure; which has since been one of my all-time favorite bands. What song from the film’s soundtrack would you say always sticks out for you?

RD- “‘Burn’ and ‘It Can’t Rain All The Time’ by Jane Siberry are two of my favorites, but I also love the lyrics to ‘Color Me Once’ by Violent Femmes. The whole soundtrack was amazing and I was proud to be a part of a film with such an iconic soundtrack.”

Yes, it was! Not to mention the fact that you just named three songs that are on an old mix CD I made for my girlfriend, ha ha ha! Ah, she’s probably reading this right now and laughing at me.

Laugh it up, Brandon. Now, as timeless as ‘The Crow’ is…of course a bunch of greedy tight-suits from Hollywood always had to try and make a quick buck, right? My fans have already heard me rant and rave, but I think they would like to hear from you. Like to let out some steam? Oh, wait!


RD- “I am disgusted with those Hollywood big-shots that tried to cash in on the whole thing. They’ve been greedy since day one. They weren’t concerned about the safety of the people involved. They were only concerned with profit and putting out the least amount to get the most from it. People were overworked, including me! They broke tons of labor laws with me. Although at the time I did it, I didn’t realize they saw us all as puppets on strings that they could make dance around on command rather than humans with needs. In my opinion, they are empty shells without the souls necessary to be considered human beings.”

…damn…I think it’s safe to say that you’ve out-ranted me.



I certainly agree with how you feel about the sequels. I mean, the second movie, ‘City of Angels’, I personally feel had potential but missed the mark. That’s just me. But, I actually wrote an article a few years back about the “reboot” going in and out of development hell and I basically tore the very idea of a remake a new one. However, I constantly hear about how James O’Barr being a part of the film as a “creative consultant” I guess you can say since he is open to the idea of telling the Eric Draven story closer to his own comics. So, I would just like to know your opinion on that whole thing. Would you still say that you’re against the idea of them making another movie if they went that route?

RD- “I am against ANYTHING that is to profit in any way from his death. That is essentially what they did with the sequels and what they are trying to do with the remake, not James, James just wants to be sure they don’t destroy it. The executives are the ones trying to just make more money. They don’t care about the fans or the art.”

That’s exactly what I keep trying to tell people. If they’re gonna remake anything, why don’t they remake bad movies? For example, everything directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

Well, I think that’s enough ranting for one day. Now, as far as the other actors, like the King of Cool that is Ernie Hudson, for example. Was the rest of the cast fun to be around? Anyone you still keep in contact with?

RD- “I keep in contact with a lot of the people I knew then. Ernie being one of them. He is an amazing person and a great friend. I also speak to Michael Berryman quite often who is a stellar guy and tells amazing stories. Tony Todd and I keep in touch, he’s my giant teddy bear *laughs*. I’m very close with Robert Zuckerman (still photographer ), he is and will always be My Zuck! I also talk to some of the others that worked on the crew, and sometimes Sophia online. I was recently in contact with Brandon’s Mother, Linda. That was very healing for me.”

That’s great…but Tony Todd, the friggin’ Candyman is your teddy bear? Unreal! *chuckles* Still, that’s great that you’re all still pretty close. Now, I hope I don’t upset you but of course, we can’t talk about ‘The Crow’ without mentioning Brandon Lee, who was taken from us way too soon. I don’t want to dwell on the tragedy too much because we all know how much of a friend he was to you, the chemistry you and Brandon had on-screen felt so genuine.

When you first met him, just how did that friendship come about?

RD- “It came about rather quickly. I don’t remember the exact moment, I do remember us being quite comfortable with each other pretty immediately. He was very easy to get along with and I was nowhere near shy, so we got very close extremely quick. Like, we hugged whenever we saw each other. Very quickly, he felt like a big brother type, like my protector. He was very protective of me on set and from what I am told by his mother, spoke to her about me frequently and warmly. Saying it felt like he was getting practice being a Dad. I got closer to him in 3+ months than I did some family my whole life. He changed my life.”

That’s just amazing. Not to mention the fact that you keep in contact with Brandon’s mom. That’s awesome. Well, if you don’t mind me asking, what was life like after? I mean, people had to have recognized you growing up. Did you find it annoying or upsetting when people recognized you, or did you like the attention?

RD- “When I first got back, I hated being recognized. So, I “ran away” from that life, so to speak. I changed my hair color and things like that to look different, I would even deny “being her” when people asked. It took me 2+ decades to be ok with who I was and accept the attention.”

Man, that sounded rough. But, at least your much better. You seem happier and you’re able to meet with fans. Which reminds me, it must be kind of fun going to all kinds of conventions and meeting fans. Will there be any new conventions you’ll attend?

RD- “I will be at the Louisiana Comic Con on April 22nd and 23rd and I’ll also be in Ontario, Canada for a Pop Culture Con on the 29th of April.”

You hear that guys? So, any fans from Louisiana and Ontario, be sure to get to those conventions and meet with Ms. Davis. Be sure to tell her the Dash Man sent you.


Okay! Thank you, Rochelle. Now, before we end things today, I do have one last question. I’m afraid it’s another question about Brandon. Again, I’m sorry for your loss. He seemed like the coolest and most down-to-Earth guy. In fact, I remember watching him behind-the-scenes on my DVD copy and he was so positive, intellectual and philosophical; much like his father, Bruce Lee, another legend.

With that said, especially with all of the craziness going on in the world right now, was there any advice or words of wisdom that Brandon passed on to you that maybe you’d like to pass to others?

RD- “He always taught me to treat people with the same respect you would want regardless of how they act. Be responsible for yourself and don’t be concerned with how others are. That is their journey, not yours. He was a very positive person and no matter how things were on set, he kept going and kept a positive outlook. Oh, and always laugh. It’s great for the soul.”

Yes, laughter really is great for the soul. It’s funny because I can just picture him saying those exact words.

Once again Rochelle, thank you so, so much. It’s an honor to have you on my show and we’ll all be on the look out for that book.

Remember guys, the book will be called, ‘It Can’t Rain All The Time’. She’ll be at the Louisiana Comic Con(April 22nd & 23rd), the Pop Culture Con(April 29th), and be sure to check out her channel, ‘The Crow’s Nest’. Thanks, Rochelle! I wish you the very best. Thank you guys for joining me today, I hope you enjoyed this interview. Until next time, Gotta Dash!

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Written by Shane Moose

Special thanks to the three big F’s in my life(Friends, Family & Fans) for helping me get this far, pushing me to go even further and for putting up with me when I try going further than that. To hell with my limitations!

A VERY special thanks to Rochelle Davis for allowing me to interview her. I couldn’t be more grateful, thank you!

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