Dash News…’Atomic Blonde’ Official Trailer

Hey, guys! Just so you know, the trailer for the upcoming ‘Atomic Blonde’ is “Red-Band”. Which means that this particular trailer will contain some intense violence, strong language, gratuitous sexual content, and partial nudity. The images from this trailer are NSFW and not recommended for anyone under the age of 18 or anyone who is overly sensitive. Remember, I warned you. As for anyone else, enjoy the show.Gotta Dash!

Hey, everyone! This is Dash Jordan with some breaking news. Just today, the official red-band trailer for the new Charlize Theron film, ‘Atomic Blonde’ has been released. The filmmakers have been advertising the eventual release of this trailer for quite some time now. I must say it was worth the wait.

If you couldn’t tell already, the film looks to be a spy-action-thriller; obviously taking a few notes from ‘John Wick’, the ‘Taken’ franchise, as well as the more recent James Bond films starring Daniel Craig. However, what you may not know is that the film is actually based on Antony Johnston’s 2013 graphic novel, ‘The Coldest City’. Much like the comic, the film will take place 1989; during the Cold War, of course.

Uhh, yeah…it is. But, it makes for good spy movies. Anyways, I think what I find most interesting from this trailer is the some of the action and fights. This looks like the right kind of action flick to piss off any SJWs out there.

Offended? Good. Of course, I don’t see anything to complain about. It’s a spy film with a leading lady instead of a typical leading man and she’s played by Academy Award winner, Charlize Theron; who’s not only one of the best actors working right now but is still incredibly beautiful. This film will also star James McAvoy, John Goodman, Toby Jones, and Sofia Boutella; not a bad supporting cast.

Not to judge a book by its cover, or rather a film by its trailer, this looks like it might be a lot of fun. ‘Atomic Blonde’ will be in theaters July 28th and will also be previewed at the South by Southwest film festival this Sunday. Yes, guys…I’ll be waiting.

Until then, Gotta Dash!

Written by Shane Moose

Videos & Photos:

Atomic Blonde(owned by Focus Features, Denver and Delilah Productions, Closed on Mondays Entertainment & 87Eleven)

The Venture Bros.(owned by Williams Street, Astro Base GO! & Titmouse Inc.)

The Big Lebowski(owned by Gramercy Pictures, Working Title Films, PolyGram Filmed Entertainment)


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