Dash Tunes…My “Incomplete” Motorhead Playlist

Hey guys, it’s Dash here…Look, I’m still in utter shock over Lemmy passing. In my last article, those were literally the hardest words I ever had to say. I’m gonna try to move on, and live hard. It’s what Lemmy would’ve wanted us to do.

   So tonight, I’m doing things a little different with this segment. I was originally gonna do a Dash 10s of my favorite Motorhead songs…but I couldn’t choose JUST 10 songs. Then, I decided to do a Dash 10s of my favorite Motorhead albums, that way I can include more of their songs…but I love all of their albums, even some that people may consider “bad” for some retarded reason. So, I just said screw it and decided to make a playlist on YouTube. Here’s the catch, however…I don’t think this should just be “my” playlist, I want it to be “our” playlist.

   Now, to all of my fans and fellow Motorhead fans around the world…I have a little homework assignment for you all. I will post my playlist down below, your job will be to leave your suggestions in the comment section on my site. I’m not talking just adding songs, either. Send me your suggestions for which song deserves to be in what order, and I will come back and edit the order depending on your comments. You can also leave your suggestions on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Just look up the name, Dash Jordan. We can do this, kids! We gotta do this for Lemmy! Let’s make this playlist complete! Yes, there WILL be a movie review coming VERY soon. Until then, enjoy the playlist! Gotta Dash!

Written by Shane Moose

(I do NOT own any songs featured in this article. All songs featured are owned by Motorhead and their respective labels & producers)


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