Dash Reviews…Riley Rewind

  Hey kids, it’s Dash Jordan. Did you miss me? Well, I definitely miss you guys. No seriously, who would’ve thought that staying away from the computer and resting for a couple of days would be so hard to do? In case some of you forgot already or are new to my blogs, I’ll fill you in on what’s been going on lately. This past month, I’ve basically been doing Horror-related blogs everyday in celebration for Halloween. Looking back, I think I’ll call it…Dash-O-Ween.


Oh bite me, Michael! I think it’s funny. Anyways, while I had a lot of fun this October, it left me mentally and physically drained. If that wasn’t enough, it was also affecting some of the people in my life. It’s moments like this where I wish could just go back and try to do things differently, you know? Just go back in time somehow and put the wrong things right. Or, I suppose I could learn from the past and move forward so history won’t repeat itself. Or, I could leave the important decisions to the nerdy Asian comedienne with the cute glasses!

Actually, I could go back and come up with a smoother transition…Nah!

‘Riley Rewind’ is a sci-fi/high-school drama originally released in 2013 as a 5-part mini-series. It’s about the titular teen with the mysterious ability to travel back in time, who begins to use her power to prevent a fellow student from committing suicide…even at the cost of her own life, as frequent use of her powers is also slowly killing her.

Exactly! The movie was directed by internet celebrity Ray William Johnson and stars fellow YouTuber Anna Akana, who also serves as the film’s writer and producer. As you might have guessed, this is an independent project. But unlike something like ‘Kung Fury’, this film knows how to dial back the comedy once in awhile as it tackles many controversial subjects such as bullying, school killings and teen suicides. So, just a warning to some of my readers who may be easily offended.

Thank you, Mr. Spock. Anyways, I will admit that while this film does do a good job at blending comedy and drama, it’s certainly not perfect. There are certain scenes that felt out of place. I don’t blame the creators, however, since the movie is supposed to be a “dramedy”. I think the main reason why it felt a little uneven at times was because it was originally filmed with the structure of a TV series in mind. Also, if they ever plan on re-releasing this, it could do with a few edits. I love the opening credits, but having to sit through the opening four more times can get pretty tiresome and takes you out of the experience…when you’d like to watch it as a movie, that is. Hell, I’m trying to get invested in the story and I felt like I really was Time Traveling!…wait.

Other than those minor nitpicks, ‘Riley Rewind’ is still worth your time. Some of the side characters are hit-or-miss, I’ll admit. But, to be fair, they still act a lot better than the majority of the so-called “A-Listers” in Hollywood right now. By far, the absolute highlight of this entire project is Anna Akana, herself. It’s obvious that ‘Riley Rewind’ was a bit of a personal story. Out of respect for another creator’s personal life, I’m not going to go into the details of what inspired her to write this story. I do want to say, however, that Anna Akana is a very brave, funny and smart woman with a big break that’s long overdue. Akana’s performance as Riley Brown, as well as her clever writing, are really what hold this film together. Too bad it ends in a cliffhanger, and there’s no telling if we’ll ever get a sequel or second season.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is the look and effects. Most of the effects look friggin’ amazing! ‘Riley Rewind’ had a budget of over $100,000 and yet it looks like a big-budget TV series on FOX or MTV. Also, I just love the tiny bits of comic-style animation thrown into the mix, acting as the transitions. The whole crew managed to take what little they had and make something huge out of it. Unlike someone I know who’s given way too much and has little to offer.

“I’m sorry, did you say something? I’m afraid I couldn’t hear you over the sound of my awesome wife’s career dying.”

  Ugh…Anywho, if you’re looking for an interesting take on Time Travel, look no further than ‘Riley Rewind’. It’s clever, witty, funny, tragic, inspiring and has a great message. The creators put their heart and soul into this story and it really shows. Check out ‘Riley Rewind’. Not only is it worth it, but it’s so easy to find. It’s still up on YouTube, and is currently streaming on Netflix and Amazon. Seriously, go watch it! But if you’d want my advice, I’d recommend watching it on YouTube; particularly because of the fact that it was filmed with a TV structure rather than a movie structure. I still consider it a movie because of the fact that I watched it on Netflix. However, if you want to avoid the awkward editing, watch it as a mini-series. This is certainly one story that needs more attention.

  Well, it certainly feels good to be back after my little Odinsleep. So I’m in such a good mood today, that I think I’ll find something horrible to watch because I’m addicted to pain and suffering. I know just the thing too…after all, I do have some unfinished business to take care of. Until then, Gotta Dash!

Rating: 7.5/10

Oh, just one last thing before I go. If you indeed check out ‘Riley Rewind’ after reading this, don’t forget to look up Anna Akana and Ray William Johnson on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Look for the links in the credits below. Like, Share, Subscribe, Follow and what have you. These guys didn’t just work hard on ‘Riley Rewind’, they also have other great videos and some upcoming projects. Hope you guys enjoy, and be sure to tell them Dash man sent you. I’m Dash Jordan…and I approve this message.

Written by Shane Moose

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