Dash Reviews…Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch

  Happy Happy Halloween, kids! It’s the Dash man coming at you on the ghoulishly delightful time of year that is Halloween! Can you tell I’m really excited? Sorry if I’ve seem a little down the past two days, I just got a REALLY big boost once the clock struck at midnight last night. Now, I’m better than ever. As I’ve mentioned before, I wanna try and go out with a bang. What better way to end things than to check out one of the most controversial entries in the ‘Halloween’ series? Just one more movie in this franchise to go…So what’s really wrong with it anyway?

Hmm…again, what’s really wrong with it anyway?



‘Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch’ is a 1982 horror film and the unofficial third installment to the ‘Halloween’ franchise. After ‘Halloween 2’ where they pretty much killed off Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis, ‘Season Of The Witch’ was originally intended to be the beginning of a new direction the studio was going to take the series; a horror anthology with each new film having a different story taking place on Halloween. Unfortunately, due to poor box-office results, mixed reviews from critics and fans alike at the time and the fact that the movie has ‘Halloween’ in the title after two successful Michael Myers movies, the film has since left a lot of people split down the middle. You either hate the film and forget it ever happened because of the fact that there’s no Michael Myers, Dr. Loomis or Laurie Strode, or you love the film because of the fact that they had the balls to try something different and give us a very unique story to boot. What do I say?


Seriously, this is probably one of the more inventive movies I’ve ever reviewed. I will admit, when I first saw this movie, I was confused. I knew about Michael Myers prior to actually watching the movies, but I didn’t hear much about ‘Season Of The Witch’. Then, I realized why. So yeah, I hated this movie…but I was a kid! I didn’t know any better! This movie took a lot of balls to reinvent itself and try to start something new. As far as the plot goes, it’s very smart as well. I’ll try not to give to much away, but ‘Season Of The Witch’ is basically a witty stab at consumerism during the holidays, featuring creepy masks, witchcraft, robots and a lot of death. Yes, this does sound crazy. Almost ‘Kung Fury’ crazy!

The acting is also very good. With Tom Atkins as the film’s main protagonist, Dr. Dan Challis, and legendary Irish-American actor Dan O’Herlihy the charming yet eerie villain, Conal Cochran…who is by far the best thing about this movie. Conal Cochran is the owner of Silver Shamrock; the novelty company that manufactures a new line of Halloween masks used to kill children all over the world. How, you ask?

Oh, Brittany Murphy…I still miss you. Anyways, did I mention that this movie has balls? I mean, this movie has serious balls! We’ve had plenty of horror films that featured monsters or villains trying to kill children, but ‘Season Of The Witch’ is one of the few films that will outright MURDER kids!

I warned that kid not to sit so close to the TV.

The only reason why I wouldn’t recommend this movie to everyone is because there’s some scenes that may cause seizures. Just giving you guys a heads-up, because I love you guys. I’m not like ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn-Part 1’ which is so bad that it COULD possibly kill people. Other than that, this is a fantastic movie. If it was just called ‘Season Of The Witch’ instead of ‘Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch’, this movie would’ve gotten A LOT more than just a cult following. Great acting, decent scares, an interesting plot, an ambiguous ending, more awesome music from John Carpenter AND the film just looks beautiful. This is one of the most “Halloween-iest” looking films I’ve ever seen in my life!

Okay, okay, the 2nd most “Halloween-iest” looking film I’ve ever seen. Just ignore the title and fact that there’s no Michael Myers, Jamie Lee Curtis or John Carpenter’s original ‘Halloween’ theme. Take my word for it, this is one of my personal favorites and I would never steer you guys wrong. This is the perfect film to watch on Halloween. With that said, time to iron my purple shirt and green tie, I’m going to finally check out ‘Goosebumps’ and get plastered! Stay tuned, I’ll see you guys very soon. In spite of everything, I’ve still had a lot of fun doing this…hopefully, I’ll do even better next year. Until next time, Gotta Dash! Oh, and Happy Friggin’ Halloween!

Rating: 8/10

Written by Shane Moose

Videos & Photos:

Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch(owned by Universal Pictures & Dino De Laurentiis Corporation)

Halloween 2(owned by Universal Pictures & Dino De Laurentiis Corporation)

Kung Fury(owned by Laser Unicorns & Lampray)

Don’t Say A Word(owned by 20th Century Fox, Regency Enterprises, Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Kopelson Entertainment, New Regency, Further Films & Epsilon Motion Pictures)

The Big Lebowski(owned by Gramercy Pictures, Working Title Films & Polygram Filmed Entertainment)

Trick ‘r Treat(owned by Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures & Bad Hat Harry Productions)


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  1. Exactly how I feel about it. I didn’t link it to the other two because I saw it as a kid before I really understood sequels. I guess that’s why I like it. That and I remember singing that dang song before Halloween after seeing it. Right in the lunch line at school.

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