Dash Reviews…Trilogy Of Terror

Hey kids, it’s Dash Jordan here with another offering of thrills on a dark and stormy night. This time the film is chosen by you, my adoring public. That’s right, it’s Request Time! How fitting is it that the chosen film tonight is actually a Trilogy…with only three days left until Halloween!

I swear Halloween was my birthday!

‘Trilogy Of Terror’ is a made-for-TV horror anthology that originally aired on ABC in 1975. As the title suggests, there are in fact three short stories all in one feature; all of which were written by legendary author and screenwriter Richard Matheson and starred actress Karen Black. Both of whom sadly passed away back in 2013. Ever since, the film has become a cult classic among horror fans. As for me? Well…there’s certainly a reason why the film is so memorable.

You’ll have to forgive me, since this is the first anthology film I ever had to review. I’m not just reviewing one movie, I’m basically reviewing three. I might as well cut to the chase when I explain exactly why ‘Trilogy Of Terror’ is so memorable. The first two stories of this film are quite forgettable by today’s standards. The first segment titled ‘Julie’, is about the titular college teacher who is drugged and blackmailed into a relationship by one of her students. Not the worst part of the film, however. What makes this segment bearable is the acting. The actor playing the student was actually Karen Black’s then-husband Robert Burton, so it was interesting seeing those two work off of one another.

‘Millicent & Therese’, however, is what severely hurts the film. This is easily the weakest and the most predictable segment of the entire movie. It follows two sisters; one’s repressed while the other one is outgoing and promiscuous. Think about this for a second…if you still don’t get it, then I highly advise you stop reading right now to avoid spoilers.

“But sweetie, they’re obviously the same person!”

Yeah…you’re right, love! As I said before, it’s the most predictable story and not even Black’s acting could salvage it. I advise is to watch the first segment and skip over this part. You’re really not missing anything.

Now, onto the main course! The third and final segment, the real reason why you guys want me to talk about this movie. ‘Amelia’; a one-woman act with Karen Black is the titular character, struggling to survive after accidentally waking the spirit of a Zuni fetish doll. The most simple…yet the most brilliantly written piece of the entire film. While it is pretty laughable looking back, this part of the film must have been pretty friggin’ scary back in 1975. Something tells me that one of the original titles for this movie must have been ‘The Creepy Zuni Doll…and The Other Two’.

I know that some people may like me to give ‘Trilogy Of Terror’ a higher rating. But, I have to say that the overall film is a bit of a mixed bag. Don’t get me wrong, it does have good acting and parts of certain stories have a lot of potential. But you can sort of tell that they really put most of their efforts on the ‘Amelia’ story. Karen Black has been in better films, Richard Matheson has written much better stories. I don’t regret watching it, I certainly have fun. I will most certainly recommend it for the final story, at least. But be warned…the movie may be called ‘Trilogy Of Terror’, but there is little terror to be found.

“I’m coming for you, Dash Jordan!”

Mrs. Black, you’re trying to seduce me aren’t you?

Anyway, it’s been fun guys. This may be the last Request Time I’m doing for the rest of the month, but feel free to continue sending requests in the comment section, on Facebook, Twitter or directly to my E-Mail. Now, for those of you wondering why I haven’t done anything for the ‘Halloween’ films yet when there’s only three days left in the month. You just wait…because I know I can’t. He he he. Until then, Gotta Dash!

Rating: 5.5/10

Written by Shane Moose

Videos & Photos:

Trilogy Of Terror(owned by ABC, Dan Curtis Productions & MPI Home Video)

Doctor Who(owned by BBC)


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