Dash Reviews…The Stranger

Hey! It’s the Dash man here with another bloody raw offering for you. You wanna know what’s really cool? When an upcoming director can think outside the box, take something like the Vampire mythos and manage to completely turn the sub-genre on its head, giving us something fresh and original. You wanna know what’s not cool? When an upcoming director can think outside the box, take something like the Vampire mythos and manage to completely turn the sub-genre on its head, giving us something fresh and original…but somehow still manage to make it boring!

Unless your name is Stephanie Meyer…Vampires should not make me sleepy.

‘The Stranger’ is a 2014 thriller written and directed by Uruguayan director Guillermo Amoedo, and produced by Eli Roth. The film is about the titular stranger coming into town looking for his long-lost wife, and is rescued by a boy and his mother after a near-death altercation with a group of thugs and a crooked cop. More bloodshed ensues, however, when we learn that not only can the unnamed man not die, but that both him and his wife have a “mysterious” disease that is contracted from blood transfusion. Oh, I’m sorry…for any of you guys who can’t see a painfully obvious and poorly-executed twist when you see one:

Basically, what was done differently in this movie, is the fact that the very word “Vampire” is NEVER mentioned in this movie. They still bite victims on the neck, the bites are still contagious, sunlight still hurts, but they’re not called Vampires. However, you don’t even have to get bitten to get infected, simply touching the blood can turn you…unless, of course, the blood is blessed. To be fair, that is a very interesting twist on the Vampire mythos…unfortunately, they spoiled it in the first act.

‘The Stranger’ could possibly be somewhat enjoyable to some of the gorehounds out there. The gore is handled pretty well, if not a little tame by today’s standards. I do love a good gorefest, not every Horror film has to be highbrow or Academy Award-nominated to be amazing. I personally feel that since the violence is really the only good thing about this movie, then they really should’ve just went all out and made the gore be the film’s selling point.

Normally, I would complain about the bad acting in this movie. But then I realized that it’s not so much bad acting as it is bad dubbing. Almost none of the voices seemed right, which only made some of the acting feel even more awkward than it already it was. Seriously guys, let’s try and watch the lip sync next time, okay?

   If this was in the hands of a better director or at least directed by Eli Roth himself, this could’ve been a slightly better movie, or at least enjoyably bad. But instead, we get a promising script that’s buried six feet under awkward acting, bad dialogue, even worse dubbing. I don’t mind it when Eli Roth directs a movie, but for whatever reason, he has less luck when it comes to producing. Not the worst movie this month, but it’s definitely one worth skipping.

Don’t look at me with those eyes, kid! Anyway, until next time…Gotta Dash!

Rating: 4/10

Written by Shane Moose

Videos & Photos:

The Stranger(owned by Highland Film Group & Sobras International Films)

Doctor Who(owned by BBC)

Fight Club(owned by 20th Century Fox, Fox 2000 Pictures, Regency Enterprises & Linson Films)

Freakazoid!(owned by Warner Bros. Television Distribution, Warner Bros. Animation & Amblin Television)


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