Dash Reviews…Tales From The Crypt Presents: Demon Knight

Welcome back, kiddies! Welcome back to another night of terror. There’s only 10 days left until Halloween, and this little party of ours only just begun. Tonight, we’ll talk about a film that has affected me in a very personal way. I grew up with movies that had vampires, werewolves, zombies, demons, politicians, and not one of those guys has truly scared me. But there was one guy, one face, one laugh that was so terrifying, it destroyed my childhood. This…thing, showed me what the word “Horror” really means. Fast-forward many years later…my childhood enemy…became one of my heroes.

Netflix, please bring this show back…

Oh yeah, ‘Demon Knight’! A 1995 horror-comedy based on the hit HBO TV series, ‘Tales From The Crypt’ which was also based on the infamous 1950s horror comics of the same name. The film was also meant to be the first of an intended trilogy of ‘Tales From The Crypt’ movies to capitalize on the show’s success. While not based on any of the stories from either the comics or the show, ‘Demon Knight’ still has the same balance of horror and humor , as well as a few other quirks that the franchise has been known for. Especially, with the main story being sandwiched by the delightfully-horrible puns from the ghoulish horror host himself, The Cryptkeeper.

   Aside from John Kassir voicing the iconic deadhead once again, ‘Demon Knight’ showcases the acting talents of some of the most recognizable and diverse character actors ever. This is one of the best casted Horror films I’ve ever seen. William Sadler(Die Hard 2 & The Mist), Thomas Haden Church(Spiderman 3), Jada Pinkett-Smith(Menace II Society, Set It Off & Gotham), CCH Pounder(Robocop 3, Orphan & Sons Of Anarchy), Charles Fleischer(The Voice of Roger Rabbit) and Dick Miller(Everything…seriously, look him up.), all lead by one of my favorite actors, the awesomely-underrated Billy Zane as The Collector. If the Devil had a sense of humor, he’d look more like Billy Zane. By far the most entertaining thing in this movie, the man manages to switch from devilishly cool to hellishly hot-headed as the film’s main antagonist.

Now, as far as the film’s plot goes…it’s surprisingly-well done. This is more than just the typical comedic monster-thriller. The story actually had some thought put into it, blending elements of Christian mythology. Basically, a drifter is trapped in a rundown motel by The Collector and his Demon horde. What does The Collector want? Just the last of seven religious artifacts God created to bring light onto the Earth, now containing the blood of Jesus Christ and could bring certain death, destruction and darkness if the forces of evil got their unholy hands on it…nothing much.

   Wait, why would God leave an artifact like that on Earth where there’s more of a chance of that happening instead of keeping in Heaven or something?

Speaking of unholy…the special effects and makeup effects are friggin’ awesome. The blood and gore is a real treat in this movie and the demons have never looked creepier with their grotesque skin, sharp teeth, long claws, hunchbacks and glowing-green eyes. Obviously, these guys have been taking makeup tips from ‘Pumpkinhead’ and the ‘Evil Dead’ movies…because they are looking FABULOUS!!!

There’ve been so many movies that have paid tribute to older movies, but ‘Demon Knight’ is essentially two love letters in one. It’s a homage to both the silly B-Horror films of the 80s AND the ‘Tales From The Crypt’ franchise. Gruesome monsters, gory deaths, cheesy dialog, gratuitous nudity, ironic twists, likable characters, and The Cryptkeeper…everything we’ve all come to know and love from THE greatest show to ever come out of HBO.

Okay fine! The 3rd greatest show to ever come out of HBO. Anyways, ‘Demon Knight’ is the whole package with a unique story and amazing effects that still hold up today, you owe it to yourself to include this movie in your collection. Even the lovely Elvira approves!

Now why can’t we get THIS sex tape? I don’t know. Until next time, kiddies…Gotta Dash!

Rating: 8.5/10

Written by Shane Moose

Videos & Photos:

Tales From The Crypt Presents: Demon Knight(owned by Universal Pictures)

HBO’s Tales From The Crypt(owned by HBO, EC Comics, Genesis Entertainment, 20th Television & Warner Home Video)

Mean Girls(owned by Paramount Pictures)

The Sopranos(owned by HBO, Chase Films & Brad Grey Television)

Game Of Thrones(owned by HBO, Television 360, Grok! Television, Generator Entertainment & Bighead Littlehead)

The Lovely Elvira and all her Ghoulish Glory(owned by Cassandra Peterson)


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