Dash Reviews…Ginger Snaps

Hey kids, Dash Jordan here. You wanna know what was truly frightening growing up? High School! Who really wants to relive such an awful experience? The pressure, the bullies, the cliques, the guidance counselors, it was all horrific. I can only imagine how some women may have felt during their time in school. Especially, when puberty comes into play. You wanna talk natural selection? These young girls were like animals! So of course Canada had to make a documentary about it…

But seriously, Werewolves be cray-cray…

‘Ginger Snaps’ is a 2000 independent horror film from Canada. The film stars Katharine Isabelle and Emily Perkins as Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald; two Goth sisters who not only have to deal with the horrors of High School, but also come across a mysterious creature that’s been stalking the night and attacking pets all over town. The creature turns out to be a lycanthrope; a Werewolf who bites and passes on The Curse to Ginger. Throughout the majority of the film, we see Ginger gradually going through her Lycanthropy, as well as another “transformation” of her own. Meanwhile, Brigitte tries to find a possible cure before Ginger…well, snaps.

Right off the bat, I think that this is one of the smartest Werewolf films I’ve ever seen. We’ve seen plenty of movies that have tackled with the pain and struggle of becoming a werewolf, the whole “beast inside all of us” cliche. But, to see a movie that handles it in such an odd way is really refreshing. Partly because the film’s co-writer, Karen Walton, really wanted to work on something that would counteract the way women are written and portrayed in most other Horror films. In this film, we have some of the best-written teen girls ever. The writers must have taken inspiration from Joss Whedon or James Cameron because our two main leads are both sympathetic and witty. I guess it also helps that Ginger and Brigitte are played by two fantastic and recognizable actresses…especially Katharine Isabelle.

While this film may not have a big-budget, it doesn’t need it. While Hollywood is overusing CGI and putting Martin Lawrence in unconvincing fat suits, these Canadians are doing fantastic make-up and gore effects in ‘Ginger Snaps’. Not only are the actual Werewolf scenes really cool, but the gradual change Ginger goes through are handled perfectly.

  Now…onto what truly makes this movie unique from other Werewolf films. Once again, I highly recommend you checking out this movie if you don’t want a key element of the film spoiled for you. Now, as I’ve mentioned before, we see our titular character going through a transformation…and becoming a Werewolf. Before getting bitten, we find out that Ginger is also starting to go through puberty; both “curses” becoming in sync and acting as metaphors.

That is what makes this movie memorable in my opinion, aside from the great acting and effects. It’s not a perfect film, however. I feel as though our two main leads have the misfortune of carrying the film all by themselves most of the time, while most of the other actors may fall short, especially the mother. Other than that, it’s still a brilliantly-written and ambitious horror film that tries something new with the Werewolf mythos while still paying tribute to it. Come for the girls and the gore, but stay for the film’s brains and bite…

Alright, alright, alright! My apologies, Captain! Christ, at least somebody likes my jokes.

Until next time…Gotta Dash!

Rating: 8/10

Written by Shane Moose

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