Dash Reviews…The Entity

Hey kids, it’s Dash. So…right off the bat, I just to warn everyone that this particular review may not be as funny as usual. Why? Because today’s film deals with a certain horror that continues to happen in real life. Normally, I aim to misplease…but not this time. The real-life horror I am referring to is the subject of rape. That is a very touchy subject for me to talk about, because there are people who have or know someone who has had a terrible experience and may be easily offended. I don’t care if your name is George Carlin, Louis C.K. or Dave Chappelle, no one can and no one should ever try to make this subject funny. I will still try my best to entertain, but I will not try to make light of that particular subject matter. 

Ghost rape, on the other hand…

‘The Entity’ was a 1981 horror film based on the 1978 Frank De Felitta novel of the same name. In the film and the book, a woman named Carla Moran and her family are being haunted by a malevolent spirit who takes a particular liking to Carla. Both the book and its adaptation are fictionalized retellings of a real-life incident, in which a woman claimed to have been bruised and raped numerous times by a ghost. To this day, there are still debates going on about whether this paranormal phenomenon was actually real or not. Which in turn, has also made this film something of polarizing cult-horror classic. So, what do I think? Is ‘The Entity’ really a brilliantly-filmed and frightening biopic of a real-life event? Or is it just uneven and tasteless horror schlock? We’ll find out right after this…

First off, I will admit that the film itself is shot pretty well. There is definitely a level of creepiness felt, especially when you’re sitting there wondering when the next attack was going to happen. Not to mention that one of the people in charge of effects was none other than the late, great Stan Winston who also worked on ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘Aliens’ and ‘Iron Man’. Another thing that really gave this film an identity was the music done by Charles Bernstein. Never heard of him? Well, you have heard of ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’, right? In ‘The Entity’, Bernstein gives another haunting film score, which I personally found to be scarier than the film itself. What can I say? Sometimes, it’s all about the music.

Okay seriously, what is with Horror Icons trying to seduce or manipulate me nowadays?!? Anywho, Another thing that I did enjoy about this movie was the acting. By far, the best actor in this entire picture would have to be Barbara Hershey as Carla Moran. Hershey doesn’t play a complete damsel nor does she play some badass, she’s scared and confused but can also be tough and strong when she has to be. Carla Moran is an everywoman; a relatively-normal woman and loving mother. It’s these traits, as well as Hershey’s performance that makes all the more tragic and engaging when she soon becomes a victim to the film’s titular monster.

In all honestly, if it wasn’t for the film’s subject matter, this would be a very forgettable 80s haunting movie. While I may enjoy slow builds in my horror, this film suffers from some uneven editing as it goes from one scary moment to some boring scene with the main character talking to doctors and parapsychologists; which is only the least bit bearable because of the acting of Barbara Hershey and late actor, Ron Silver…you know, the corrupt senator guy from ‘Timecop’?

The acting and effects are really what outweighs some of the film’s negative points. Not to mention that some of you may consider it a tad dated, which is also why this will also be yet another movie rumored to be remade in the near-future. However, if you’re looking for a relatively obscure ghost movie from the 80s, you could do a lot worse. I must warn again, however, that ‘The Entity’ has some intense moments that may be considered too shocking or offensive. Other than that, check out this one and judge for yourself. Tomorrow…it’s Request Time again!

Until next time, Gotta Dash!

Rating: 6.5/10

Written by Shane Moose

Videos & Photos:

The Entity(owned by 20th Century Fox)

The Phantom Of The Opera(owned by Warner Bros. Pictures, Joel Schumacher Productions, Odyssey Entertainment, Really Useful Films & Scion Films)

Timecop(owned by Universal Pictures, Warner Home Video, Largo Entertainment, JVC Entertainment, Dark Horse Entertainment & Renaissance Pictures)

The IT Crowd(owned by FremantleMedia & Channel 4)


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