Welcome To The World Of Dash Jordan!

It’s time to transcend history and the world, people…I guess you can tag along. The name’s Dash Jordan, but you can call me Dash. There’s a bad moon rising in Hollywood, that only mean trouble on the way…lots of trouble. But that don’t mean there’s no light at the end of this tunnel. We’ll be looking at the good, the bad and the Kristen Stewart. From Action Heroes to Superheroes, Blockbusters to Cult Classics, Animation to Anime-tion, and Cinematic Wonders to Big-Budget Blunders. We’ll be taking the Film Industry, one review at a time. Reviews not your cup of tea? Maybe you’re looking for something a little stronger? Maybe weaker? Maybe I’m just getting really thirsty? Anyways, I’ll be doing Top 10 lists as well. You can’t have a charming and snarky internet reviewer without lists. Everybody loves lists! Just like how everybody loves clowns…wait. Well, I’ll also be doing ‘Dash Auditions’. Any new movie coming out or even rumors of something new coming out, chances are that the casting for certain characters may be a little…what’s the word? Dumb. So it may be up to us to get the word out, especially if it’s something we may all be fans of. That’s right! US! Got any of your own opinions or if you got and suggestions for a review or an audition, please speak your mind. Be sure to stay tuned, kids. I shall be posting my very first review very soon, for I am a man of my word. Oh, and there may also be a few surprises every now and then too. I’m telling you, they’re so secretive that I don’t even know what they should be yet…Hmm, maybe I should get to work. No problem, I survived ‘Color Of Night’ and ‘Soul Plane’. I got this, man. I got this by the ass! See ya!


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